Carnatic Swarasthana Challenge No. 1

How good are you in identifying swarasthanas when you hear a musical sequence? Try this challenge:

Why is this important?

This is just one of the many challenges from our Sadhakam app. The exercise having this challenge, works out all combinations of Ri and Ga thoroughly.

There are six valid combinations of Ri and Ga in Carnatic music (and very similarly there are six combinations of Dha and Ni). Cycles of Ri-Ga combinations and Dha-Ni combinations are the basis of the 72 Melakartha scheme, which is one of the backbones of our raga system.

So, it is critical that every student masters these combinations. Sadhakam app provides a rigorous yet easy way to build this skill.


If you are fuzzy about Carnatic swarasthana numbering, read this post before checking the answer.

The sequence you heard is Sa Ri3 Ga3. That is, Shadjam - Shatshruti Rishabam - Anthara Ghandharam.

This combination popularly occurs in Nata Ragam.

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