Download: Carnatic Music Theory notes

Apr 7, 2010 • Ananth Pattabiraman

Music Theory notes for Carnatic Music at Government Music colleges, Andhra Pradesh/Telangana

Carnatic Music Theory - Year I (pdf, ~110 KB)

Year II (pdf, ~217 KB)

Android apps

Kuyil, the company I cofounded, makes android apps exclusively for Carnatic music. Students would find them very useful:

tunes instruments or voice to proper carnatic shruti. Automatically detects and shows the swaram that the user sings or plays.

detailed swarasthana exercises to improve one's Swara Gyānam.

For more scholarly resources see this post: Carnatic Music Resources


  • I’ve completed my certificate course. I used a different strategy for my notes for year 3 and 4; I couldn’t share the notes here.
  • Detailed Syllabus (in Telugu) - Certificate and Diploma Courses - all Years - (pdf, ~3 MB). It’s from a copy of official syllabus, scanned & reformatted, however, I can’t make any promises that this is the current and official syllabus. Shared in public interest.