Score: Brochevarevare (Kriti), Sriranjani, Adi - Tyagaraja

Mar 2, 2011 • Ananth Pattabiraman

Another score graduated from my Carnatic Scores Repository - Saint Tyagaraja’s kriti Brochevarevare in Sriranjani Ragam, Adi Talam

As mentioned earlier, Carnatic Scores Repository is my attempt to notate and share carnatic music compositions, to make them available to every musician and student. At present there is a handful of Varnams and Kritis which are in progress. (They too can be downloaded as they are, if you wish) Music score sample: Brochevarevare


A copy of completed scores will be uploaded to IMSLP, which is a good place for music scores. This page will list all such scores:,_Ananth