Carnatic Scores Repository

Nov 26, 2010 • Ananth Pattabiraman

I’ve created a repository for Carnatic Music Scores. One can download Carnatic Music Notations/Scores for Varnams, Kritis along with the source file/document which generated the score. At present the repository has a few completed scores and a few more almost ready scores.

Score: Kalaharanamelara - Tyagaraja @ Carnatic Scores Repository

Download from Carnatic Scores Repository:

If you need the score, you can download the pdf, copy/print/share it. If you like to make some changes/corrections in the score, download the svg files, and edit them in Inkscape.


Creating Carnatic Music scores is a challenging task. Tools/Software for this purpose are rare and none of them is quite mature.  People use word processors, spreadsheets and some times plain text editors to score. I did my bit of exploration. I’ve tried, apart from the mentioned methods, Latex, Lilypond (western graphical notation), and of late, Inkscape (vector graphics). Carnatic Scores repository will host the scores along with the ‘source’. So one can peek in to the source and see how I produced the score, try out the method and help me improve the score.

Most of Carnatic compositions are out of copyright. Still ‘scores’ are quite difficult to find, except in actual printed books, which may be still under copyright. For every song I learn, I’ll try to create a beautiful score and upload it in the repository.