Concert: Aug 30 & 31, 2010 YWCA Hall, West-Marredpally, Secunderabad

Occasion: Annual day celebrations, Sri Bhakta Ramadas Govt. College of Music and Dance.

Open For All.

Monday, Aug 30, 2010. 4pm - 7.30pm

I’ll play Carnatic Violin, as a part of the orchestra. We’ll perform

  • Sri Vigna Rajam Baje - Ragam: Gambira Naatta, Thalam: Kanda Chaapu, composed by Oothukkadu Venkata Subbier

  • A Nava-Raaga-maalika composition  by Smt. B. Haripriya of the renowned Hyderabad Sisters, Thalam: Adi, (conducted by the composer)

  • A Thillana, in Sumanisa Ranjani Ragam, Adi Thala.

Tuesday, Aug 31, 2010. 4pm - 7.30pm

Violin Duet by Ananth & Sai Harsha. We’ll present:

  • “Ninne Kori” (Varnam) in Ragam Vasantha, Adi Thalam, and

  • “Brammam okate” by st. Annamacharya, Bowli Ragam, Adi Thalam (Trisra Gati).

Apart from my above mentioned orchestral and duo performances, there’ll be many other performances by the students from various disciplines.

All are welcome.


Ananth Pattabiraman is a musician and co-founder of Kuyil Carnatic Apps, a startup dedicated to crafting apps for carnatic. You can checkout the apps below.