I am Ananth Pattabiraman, a musician and co-founder of Kuyil Carnatic Apps, a startup dedicated to crafting apps for carnatic.


Some of my musical works are here, mostly instrumental tracks in a broad spectrum of styles.

More tracks

Kaleidoscope is the first album I published to the world.


Nowadays, I dedicate most of my time building apps for Carnatic music as part of Kuyil Carnatic Apps. These are our apps:

Pocket Shruti Box
Carnatic Tambura

Concert grade shruti box app. Authentic tambura sound. Very accurate. Clear even on phone speakers. Sounds great with external speakers and headphones.

Carnatic Swara Gnanam Practice

Improve your swara gnanam with interactive exercises. Develop the skill to identify swarams from what you hear.

Carnatic Tuner

Instantly see the swaram you're singing or playing. Tune any instrument accurately. Perfect your singing and playing.


ananth (at) beautifulnote (dot) com